Here are seven (or so) links at 7AM Eastern.  Good luck out there today.

MF Global as an opening act for the Euro show.  (MarketBeat)

Let the investigations of MF Global begin.  (Dealbook, ibid, WSJ)

Does dissent mean a future change in Fed policy?  (Money Game, MarketBeat, Aleph Blog, Mark Thoma, Curious Capitalist)

Strains are once again showing in the financial system.  (WSJ)


The situation in Greece is coming to a head as Europe demands Greece make a decision.  (FT, WSJ)

As a result Italian bond yields are at Euro-era highs.  (FT also The Street Light)

The rise and fall of the Greek economy.  (Money Game)

Support is growing in Greece for a return of the drachma.  (NYTimes)

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