Quote of the day

John Hempton, “Financial crime – like any morphology of sin – is complicated. Almost always.”  (Bronte Capital)

Chart of the day

The US economy keeps surprising on the upside, but the bond market doesn’t seem to care.  (via @scottybarber)


The market is simply “messed up.” (Dynamic Hedge)

It is hard to have strongly held opinions in this market.  (All Star Charts, Barron’s)

Long term indicators are still negative, while short term indicators are deeply oversold.  (StockCharts Blog, ibid)

Investor sentiment is decidedly neutral.  (The Technical Take)

Fear is rampant, time to get greedy.  (TheStreet)

What current worries should we actually be worried about?  (Stone Street Advisors)

Personal finance

What happens when Generation X & Y take over?  (I Heart Wall Street)

What are the chances the supercommittee changes estate rules early? (Total Return)

401(k) investors are still prone to putting too much into company stock.  (Jason Zweig)

Are you getting the most of your company’s benefits?  (WSJ)


On the importance of understanding the risk of various yield vehicles.  (Big Picture)

On the search for “fewer, better trades.”  (Derek Hernquist)

An interview with Bill Luby on all things volatility.  (OptionPundit)


Corporate America is focused on an uncertain economy.  (NYTimes)

Market leader in backup Generac Holdings ($GNRC) only trades at 10x next years earnings.  (Barron’s)

Seth Klarman is interested in Hewlett Packard ($HPQ). Time for a second look?  (Barron’s)

Living Social is raising money to keep up with Groupon ($GRPN).  (Dealbook)


5-10% of alternative managers are “any good.”  (FINalternatives)

Vulture investors should be looking to Europe for opportunities.  (Economist, (Money Game)

What does the case of Bill Miller tell us about the viability of actively managed ETFs?  (IndexUniverse)


The US economy is gaining steam, despite Europe.  (Curious Capitalist)

Examining the facts of the great economic crisis.  (WashingtonPost, Big Picture)

Europeans are holding more of their money in real, cash Euros.  (Real Time Economics)

Why it is so difficult for businesses to start charging for services that were previously free.  (NYTimes)

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Mixed media

A tool to help find out the credit ratings of your muni bonds.  (Total Return)

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