Quote of the day

Erik Swarts, “The rubber will eventually meet the road because the fact remains that credit will inevitably be strangled in Europe by the crisis. Liquidity measures will not prevent the structural challenges the eurozone faces.”  (Market Anthropology)

Chart of the day

How major asset classes fared in November.  (Capital Spectator)


Correlation, shmorrelation.  Check out the spread in sector returns YTD.  (The Reformed Broker)

Stand by for some tax-loss selling this December.  (Mark Hulbert)

Not all market moves represent opportunity.  Putting regret into context. (Stock Sage, Derek Hernquist)

Interesting paper:  How social interaction propagates active investing.  (Paper via Alea)


Is Microsoft ($MSFT) cheap?  Just maybe.  (Crossing Wall Street, Total Return)

Good news.  Disney ($DIS) just hiked its dividend 50%.  (Mark Hulbert, THR)

The thermodynamics of Apple’s ($AAPL) share price.  (Asymco)

Some companies that could hike their dividends in December.  (Dynamic Dividend)

Looking back at the failure of Enron ten years later.  (Real Time Economics)


If the TBTF banks are too big, then make them smaller.  (Economix)

Can you stress test banks for a Euro zone breakup?  (Term Sheet)

Jon Corzine as rogue trader.  (NetNet)

Wealth manager customer technology sucks.  (I Heart Wall Street)

Is Zynga worth $10 billion?  (Deal Journal)


Greenlight Capital had a solid November.  (Institutional Investor)

News-driven trading may soon be dominated by algorithms.  (All About Alpha)

Why aren’t more sophisticated funds engaging in seeding activity?  (Pension Pulse)

The revenge of the Ivy League endowment funds.  (Institutional Investor)


The Euro crisis as Hollywood disaster movie.  (FT)

German one year yields turned negative for the first time ever.  (FT)

The future of the UK under austerity.  (Rational Irrationality, The Source)

Why is unemployment SO high in Spain?  (The Atlantic)

Liquidity is tightening up in Russia.  (Bloomberg)


Weekly jobless claims continue to hug 400,000.  (Capital Spectator)

The November ISM shows a continued expansion.  (EconomPic DataCrossing Wall Street, Calculated Risk)

What tax withholdings are telling us about the economy.  (Big Picture)

Earlier on Abnormal Returns

What you missed in our Thursday morning linkfest.  (Abnormal Returns)


A rave review for Emanuel Derman’s Models.Behaving.Badly.  (Reading the Markets)

The ten best books of 2011, including Daniel Kahneman’s Thinking, Fast and Slow.  (NYTimes)

Mixed media

Ten steps to better blogging.  (SplatF)

Is it time to bury our power lines? Um, yes.  (Fortune via @ritholtz)

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