The weekend is a great time to catch up on some of the reading you skipped during the week.  We hope you enjoy this set of long-form links.


John Gapper, “The rogue trader may appear to be acting strangely, but he does what comes naturally.”  (FT)

Do our genes affect our asset allocation?  (The Psy-Fi Blog)

A profile of Fortress Investment Group ($FIG).  (Institutional Investor)

Dating advice for the investment banking crowd.  (Epicurean Dealmaker)


Reflections on ten years of blogging.  (Om Malik)

The strange birth and long life of Unix.  (IEEE Spectrum via @longreads)

The personal computer is dead.  (Technology Review)

When will we have unmanned commercial airliners?  (IEEE Spectrum via @frankvoisin)

China is making great inroads in the supercomputer race.  (Newsweek)

Why doesn’t America like science?  (FT)


Most medical studies can’t be replicated.  (WSJ)

A profile of “human nature’s pathologist” Steven Pinker.  (NYTimes)

On the rise of “citizen scientists.”  (WSJ)

The psychology of nakedness.  (The Frontal Cortex)

The hidden potential of autistic kids.  (Scientific American)


Building a better Mitt Romney.  (NYTimes)

Eisenhower was right.  We should have feared the rise of the military state.  (Vanity Fair)

Congress can create money out of thin air.  Good idea?  (The American Scholar)


Six ideas for the ash heap of history from Tyler Cowen.  (Foreign Policy)

Is suburbia doomed?  Not so fast.  (Joel Kotkin)

On building a better theory of practical rationality.  (MIT via The Browser)


The great turnaround in Africa.  (Foreign Affairs)

How Brooklyn got its groove back.  (City Journal via The Browser)


Did you know that Harry Houdini and Sir Arthur Conan Doyle were friends?  (Brain Pickings)

What is the enduring appeal of Tintin?  (The Browser)

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