Here are seven (or so) links at 7AM Eastern.  We will see you later with the daily linkfest.  Good luck out there.

Rising interest rates are the new focus of the gloom and doom crowd.  (Money Game, EconomPic Data also Global Macro Monitor)

Why ECRI is still looking for a recession.  (Big Picture)

$SPLV vs. $SPHB: low volatility has taken it on the chin during the rally.  (IndexUniverse)

The SEC’s actions are likely to diminish the attraction of pre-IPO trading.  (Dealbook, WSJ, peHUB)

Is this what happens to Wall Street when the glue that binds, i.e. bonuses, are cut?  (Marketplace)

European banks are now awash in liquidity but unwilling to make loans.  (WSJ)

Apple ($AAPL) plays a big role in corporate American’s growing cash hoard.  (FT Alphaville)

The “new” iPad goes on sale today.  The reviews roll in.  (GigaOMWSJ, NYTimes, Daring Fireball, The Verge)

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