One of the great pleasures of doing Abnormal Returns is discovering new blogs and bloggers. Oftentimes those bloggers burn out, quit or get real jobs. Sometimes they go on to do bigger and better things. I don’t remember exactly when I first came across Josh Brown’s The Reformed Broker blog, but I knew a good thing when I saw it. Josh is now a multimedia finance superstar and is the author the bestselling book Backstage Wall Street. Josh is a friend, fellow StockTwits Network blogger and McGraw-Hill author.  Josh is also an inveterate linker with a fertile imagination. In lieu of our daily linkfest we hope you enjoy an edition of Josh’s “fantasy links” that looks an awful lot like our daily linkfest.


One morning, I’ll open my eyes and be treated to this linkfest on Abnormal Returns – and it shall be a great day indeed.

My Fantasy Abnormal Returns Linkfest – Josh Brown

Dow Takes Out All-Time High Along With S&P, Transports. Secular Bear Market Finally Slain.  (Reuters)

Tyler Durden Flips Bullish, To Open Frozen Yogurt Chain Called ZeroFat.  (Zero Hedge)

Apple Elects To Pay Entire Dividend In iTunes Credits.  (SAI)

Baltic Dry Commits Indexicide, Will Cease Being Published, Tracked Or Cited.  (BusinessWeek)

Why I’m Unmasking and Returning to Wall Street, In Order To Save It.  (Kid Dynamite)

UBS Realizes It’s Superfluous In Every Line Of Business, Packs Up And Leaves US Market.  (DealBook)

W00T! I Can’t Believe We’re Being Bought Out By Twitter!  (Howard Lindzon)

Chinese Reverse Takeovers Banned By Regulators.  (Investment News)

Retiring From Blogging To Focus On My International Sex Cult.  (TRB)

Eli: Why Trading Isn’t Anything Like Football At All Now That I Think About It.  (Trader Habits)

Barton Biggs: Okay, I Admit I Have No Idea What’s Going On Now.  (Bloomberg)

SEC Issues ETF Ceiling, Only 100 Products Per Category, 20 Per Sponsor.  (Morningstar)

Abnormal Returns Radio Becomes #1 Syndicated Finance and Investing Show In America.  (Inside Radio)

MF Global Missing Billion Found In Other Pants Pocket.  (Bloomberg)

New Feature: Introducing the Forbes 50 Most Undeserving Billionaires List.  (Forbes)

Here Are The Real 10 Reasons We Stopped Doing Slideshows.  (Business Insider)

Geithner Steps Down From Treasury, Accepts New Role At Scottrade.  (WaPo)

Jeremy Grantham In The Studio, Working On Christmas Album With Guest Stars Mariah Carey And Jose Feliciano.  (Rolling Stone)

Fox Business Calls It Quits, Respected Dow Jones Professionals Take Control Of Network From Right Wing Quasi-Financial Lunatics. (Mediaweek)

By The Numbers: Trader Joe’s Finally Files Its IPO S-1.  (Deal Journal)

Oliver Stone Apologizes For Wall Street 2, Destroys Every Copy In Existence.  (Entertainment Weekly)

Construction Begins On Hedge Fund Mt Rushmore; Dalio, Simons Pose For Sculptors.  (Fortune)

Jason Zweig Named Senior Editor at Wall Street Journal, Make-Believe Paywall Ended.  (WSJ)

Fiduciary Standard Officially Adopted For All Finance Professionals, Last Remaining Retail Brokerages Shuttered.  (Registered Rep)

The Ten Most Powerful Pets On Wall Street.  (HuffPo)

Finance’s Hottest New Twitter Feed Is @CarneyAfterDark.  (Clusterstock)

Introducing ‘The View’ for Finance, Starring Bess Levin and Heidi Moore.  (TV Guide)

Backstage Wall Street Named ‘Top Finance Book of 2012’ and ‘Most Obvious Cry For Help By An Author’.  (New York Times)

Euro Financial Crisis Fixed As Citizens Adopt “Grueling” 26-Hour Work Week.  (FT)

Stan O’Neal, Dick Fuld, Jimmy Cayne Charter A Fishing Boat, Are Lost At Sea.  (USAToday)

In Which I Admit To Being Lloyd Blankfein All Along.  (The Epicurean Dealmaker)

Tonight: The Premiere of the Josh Brown & Joe Weisenthal Show.  (CNBC)

US GDP Hits 5%, Unemployment Dips To 6%, All Masturbatory Economic Blogging Ceases at Once.  (Bloomberg)


We will be back tomorrow with our regular linkfest. If you liked this be sure to check out Josh’s best-selling book Backstage Wall Street. You will not be disappointed.