Quote of the day

Brian Lund, “The goal in trading is to make money, not to be a perfect trader.”  (bclund)

Chart of the day

CEO Tim Armstrong bought AOL ($AOL) stock all the way down.  (Howard Lindzon)

Video of the day

Bill Miller and Paul McCulley talk with Consuelo Mack.  (Wealthtrack)


A bunch of charts are breaking their near-term trendlines.  (Global Macro Monitor)

If you are depending on China to bail us out, look out.  (Humble Student of the Markets)


PowerShares DWA Technical Leaders Index ($PDP) is way overweight consumer cyclicals.  (AllETF)

An interview with Matthew Klein founder of Collective2 a marketplace of trading strategies.  (Tradestreaming)


Big companies are thriving post-recession.  (WSJ)

AOL ($AOL) is dumping its patent portfolio on Microsoft ($MSFT).  (Dealbook, MarketBeat)

Is Yahoo! ($YHOO) next to sell its patents?  (Eric Jackson)

The return of the newspaper barons.  (NYTimes, Economic Principals)

When a $1 CEO salary costs a lot more than $1.  (footnoted)


Who has their act more together:  Citigroup ($C) or Bank of America ($BAC)?  (NYTimes)

Dark pools have thrived despite questionable practices, the case of Pipeline Trading Systems.  (WSJ)

Hey, what is John Mack up to?  (New York)

Why the money market mutual fund managers oppose proposed SEC rule changes.  (TheStreet)

Another look at just how much hedge fund investors keep of actual fund returns.  (FT)

Is it time to look beyond the limited partnership structure for private equity?  (peHUB)


Chinese inflation ticked up.  (FT, Money Game)

What kind of growth path is China on?  (The Interloper)

Indian investors are equity-averse.  (The Reformed Broker also beyondbrics)


Tax withholdings were strong in March.  (Big Picture)

The US economy may be slowing but we still need a few more data points.  (Capital Spectator)

When will the employment-to-population ratio finally rise?  (Sober Look, Econbrowser)

The rise of medical tourism and the logic of free trade in medicine.  (James Surowiecki)

What is going to happen to US coal if we don’t burn it?  (Wonkblog)

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Mixed media

Why baseball players are actually underpaid.  (The Atlantic)

A world map of heavy metal density, music not metallurgy. (Big Think)

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