The linkfests of late have been pretty heavy with the ongoing slow motion car wreck that Europe, a week jobs picture in the US and a looming “fiscal cliff.” To name but a few. Sometimes it is important to notice good stuff is happening as well. Barry Ritholtz at the Big Picture had a great post up a few days ago talking about despite the financial mess we made there is cool stuff happening.  He wrote:

The youth of America are full of ideas and energy. They don’t give a shit that their parents fucked everything up — they are going to steam roll over the old order and replace it with one of their own. They understand that future is not about the past. They know that they are a business of one, that no company or government is ever going to offer them economic security. They are their own team, brand and idea factory.

We came across a handful of links today that show in some unique ways capitalism at work and the idea that real technological change is still happening. Enjoy.

Capitalism at work

Capitalism at work: Cambodia launches its own stock market.  (WSJ)

How one guy left private equity to go save his family’s nut business.  (NYTimes)

Get ready for the return of long dormant brands.  (WSJ)


On the coming Apple-ification of other consumer products.  (Bits)

How Kickstarter turned Pebble into a platform.  (GigaOM)

Web 2.0 is great, but real technological change is on the horizon.  (Conor Sen)

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