Quote of the day

Barry Ritholtz, “An enormous difference exists between debating policy and managing assets. They are two radically different activities.”  (Big Picture)

Chart of the day

REITs are breaking out.  (The Reformed Broker)


One of these days investors will reallocate from bonds into stocks.  (TheStreet)

Sector performance in April.  (Bespoke)

Alan Greenspan thinks stocks are cheap.  (Bloomberg)

Why so many investors have turned off the market and financial media.  (Random Roger)


Investing: the key is to survive.  (The Reformed Broker)

Ten insights from Abnormal Returns – The Book.  (Ivanhoff Capital)

What price ratio best identifies value stocks?  (Greenbackd)

The case for Saudi equities.  (Market Folly)


How to deal with trading discomfort: first acknowledge your pain.  (Brian Lund)

What is good risk management?  (OptionPit)

Why equity traders suck at trading forex. (RogueTraderette)


The Coca-Cola ($KO)-Monster Energy ($MNST) saga.  (WSJ)

Delta Airlines ($DAL) is getting into the refinery business.  (NYTimes)

An ‘ATM for old cellphones‘ is coming to a mall near you.  (Term Sheet)


Don’t fret if you miss out on the Carlyle Group IPO.  (Globe and Mail also Term Sheet)

Why everyone wants a piece of the Facebook IPO.  (Businessweek)


Junk-rated companies are getting “showered with money” by banks.  (WSJ)

Deal making is in the air.  (The Reformed Broker)

Can the bond market make up for the lost liquidity of banks?  (WSJ)

Should we be worried about the growing influence of mortgage REITs?  (Bloomberg)

Floating rate Treasury notes are inching closer to reality.  (WSJ)


Three keys to cloning hedge funds.  (AlphaClone)

The actively managed PIMCO Global Advantage Inflation-Linked Bond Index ($ILB) is now live.  (ETFdb)


The ISM manufacturing report for April showed continued industrial strength.  (Calculated Risk, Real Time Economics, Bespoke)

US and European manufacturing is diverging.  (Sober Look)

The economy is “uninspiring, but not disastrous.”  (Economist’s View also Modeled Behavior)

Checking in on the new landlord economy.  (Money Game, Free exchange)

Banks are pulling back on their consumer lending.  (Term Sheet)

Americans are increasingly eating out.  (Calculated Risk)

Earlier on Abnormal Returns

@abnormalreturns was mentioned in this article on how to “Tweak your portfolio with tweets.”  (Financial Post)

Pull up a chair, the crowdfunding experiment is going to play out in real-time before our very eyes.  (Abnormal Returns)

What you missed in our Tuesday morning linkfest.  (Abnormal Returns)

Mixed media

Malcolm Gladwell on why college football should be banned.  (Slate)

Wikinvest becomes SigFig and goes wide.  (Pando Daily, TechCrunch, GigaOM)

Happy fifth anniversary!  (Bespoke)

Will your next car have an iPad in it?  (GigaOM)

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