Signing copies of the book today, so just a handful of links today. Good luck out there.

Super voting shares are the new black for tech companies.  (Bloomberg)

Henry Blodget excerpts his own article on Mark Zuckerberg.  (SAI)

How to beat The Little Book That Beats the Market: an analysis.  (Greenbackd)

Anthony Scaramucci really wants you to buy into hedge funds.  (New York)

Managers are looking for way to “cloak” their portfolios in actively managed ETFs.  (WSJ)

Do exchange traded funds pose a threat to stability?  (Big Picture)

Why Warren Buffett hates gold.  (Pragmatic Capitalism)

The dangers of dividend funds.  (WSJ)

Is LearnVest the future of financial planning?  (Nerd’s Eye View)

Why an exit by Greece from the Euro would be a boon.  (CNBC)

Why publishers don’t like mobile apps.  (Technology Review)

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