You are probably wondering what I could possibly mean with that title. Let me explain. I have two goals with this contest.

The first is to give away six copies of my newly published book, Abnormal Returns: Winning Strategies from the Frontlines of the Investment Blogosphere to loyal Abnormal Returns readers. Six, because I have been doing this blog for six-plus years now I would not still be doing it, and a book, were it not for my awesome readers.

Second, six also happens to be the number of questions I am planning to ask a distinguished panel of bloggers as a part of the second annual Desert Island Blogger quiz. For those who may have forgotten, last year I asked these bloggers to answer some thought provoking questions and published their answers on the blog. Now I want YOUR QUESTIONS!

In short I am crowdsourcing this year’s questions. I hope this makes for an even better experience for the bloggers and readers. To get in the mix submit one (and only one) question you would like to see answered by this super group of bloggers. The winners will see their questions on the blog next month. Send an e-mail with “Book giveaway” in the subject line to (tadas–at– with the following*:

  1. Your question (see last year’s questions to make sure you are on the right track);
  2. How you would like identified (if at all) in subsequent blog posts, e.g. Warren from Omaha;
  3. A US-based mailing address so I can get you the book.

The deadline for this contest is Noon Eastern on Wednesday, May 16th, Friday, May 18th. I will select and notify the winners this week and ship out copies of the book. All I ask in return of the winners is that if you like the book: tell your friends, write a review on Amazon and/or like the book on Facebook. That’s it.

The submission box is now open. Thanks for playing and good luck!

*Once I select the winners and ship out the books I will delete everyone’s e-mail address.