Chart of the day

How does policy uncertainty affect the stock market?  (Capital Spectator)


It’s been a while since S&P 500 stocks have been oversold.  (@jackdamn)

Three approaches to volatility.  (research puzzle pix)

The risk on/risk off trade and the forex markets.  (FT Alphaville)

How some traders are taking on the algorithms.  (FT)


The seven deadly sins of trading.  (Brian Lund)

Don’t get too hung up on any particular low volatility methodology.  (Falkenblog)

There are no guarantees in a 60/40 portfolio.  (SmartMoney)

Narrowly defined ETFs blur the distinction between passive and active investing.  (FirstBridgeData)


On the myth of the imperial CEO.  (FT)

How times have changed: Sony’s ($SNE) market cap is only 3% of Apple ($AAPL).  (FT)

How companies are stressing efficiency: the case of 3M ($MMM).  (WSJ)

Warren Buffett doubles down on the newspaper business.  (Dealbook, Bloomberg)

Private companies pay more on their bonds than comparable public companies.  (Liberty Street Economics)


A profile of Covestor.  (onwallstreet)

What is Personal Capital up to?  (TechCrunch)

Technology companies have once again discovered the importance of the human touch.  (Pando Daily

Hedge funds

Canadian Pacific ($CP) caves to Bill Ackman.  (Dealbook, Clusterstock, Globe and Mail)

Big name hedge fund types, like David Einhorn, can have a big effect on stocks these days.  (Crossing Wall Street, Kid Dynamite)

Herbalife ($HLF) lives!  (Kid Dynamite)

Greenlight Re ($GLRE) is trading near book value.  (The Brooklyn Investor)


Money is fleeing Greece.  (The Reformed Broker)

More signs that Argentina has gone rogue and people are dumping pesos.  (Sober Look)

Then again one hedge fund manager is buying Argentinian debt.  (Deal Journal)


Weekly initial unemployment claims come in pretty much in line.  (Capital Spectator, Calculated Risk)

The Philly Fed Index comes in weak.  (Calculated Risk)

Leading economic indicators turn negative.  (EconomPic Data)

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Good news, bad news

Maybe good cholesterol isn’t all that good.  (NYTimes)

Good news: coffee helps you live longer.  (Bloomberg)

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