Here are seven (or so) links at 7AM Eastern.  We will see you later with the daily linkfest.  Good luck out there.


The top five things worrying portfolio managers.  (Morningstar)

Where’s all that volatility everyone is moaning about?  (Bespoke)

The Greek stock market is wicked cheap by historical standards.  (World Beta)


Microsoft ($MSFT) buys Yammer.  (FT Alphaville)

Orbitz ($OWW) shockingly finds that PC and Mac users have different tastes when it comes to travel.  (WSJ)

News Corp. ($NWS) contemplates splitting in two.  (Deal Journal, Dealbook)


You won’t know for sure the US is in a recession until it has already come to pass.  (Stock Sage, Stone Street)

So much for the hard “fiscal cliff.”  (Bloomberg)

How much would a Euro breakup cost Germany?  (FT Alphaville)

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