Here are seven (or so) links at 7AM Eastern.  We will see you later with the daily linkfest.  Good luck out there.


Maybe individual investors aren’t fleeing stocks as much as previously thought.  (Total Return)

Investors can’t get enough investment grade corporate paper. (Sober Look)

When did hedge fund managers lose their nerve?  (Minyanville)


Google ($GOOG) is trying to take on everyone all at once.  (GigaOM)

News Corp. ($NWSA) is splitting in two because it has to, not because it wants to.  (FT)

How Research in Motion ($RIMM) went so wrong.  (WSJ)


It is hard to overestimate the role of Libor.  (Dealbook)

Don’t discount the role luck played in getting guys to the top of the big banks.  (Eric Horowitz via @Alea_)

It’s going to cost JP Morgan ($JPM) a lot more than previous estimates to close out the London Whale’s positions.  (Dealbook)

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