The weekend is a great time to catch up on some long-form links you missed during the week. We think this should also include our new book, Abnormal Returns: Winning Strategies from the Frontlines of the Investment Blogosphere. Enjoy.


The case for a quantitative value investment strategy.  (Market Folly)

The current incumbents are going to fight algorithmic investment management tooth and nail.  (The Psy-Fi Blog)

The top 5 reasons to invest in managed futures.  (CME Group)

Seven equations to build a secure retirement from Moshe Arye Milevsky author of The 7 Most Important Equations for Your Retirement.  (Marketwatch)


In defense of tax treatment of municipal bonds.  (Bond Girl)

This is what banks do.  (Pragmatic Capitalism)

John Paulson’s very bad year.  (Businessweek)

A preview of Guy Lawson’s Octopus: Sam Israel, the Secret Market, and Wall Street’s Wildest Con.  (Dealbook)


Stabilizing prices is immoral.  (Interfluidity also FT Alphaville)

On the rise of innovative state capitalism.  (Businessweek)

Cities generate a deluge of data.  (Economist)


Why American children now rule the roost.  (New Yorker)

A look at how society has criminalized (or not) sexual behavior with Eric Berkowitz author of Sex and Punishment: 4000 Years of Judging Desire.  (The Browser)


Ten reasons countries fall apart.  (Foreign Policy)

Why Scandinavian countries have such a strong design tradition.  (FT)


Who are if you spent your formative years on antidepressants?  (WSJ)

Multi-tasking will kill you.  (Altucher Confidential)


Building a better Olympic athlete.  (Wired)

How the modern Olympics got their start.  (Smithsonian)

The most amazing bowling story ever.  (D Magazine)


A profile of Facebook’s ($FB) Sheryl Sandberg.  (New Yorker)

The US Marine that convinced a thousand Japanese soldiers to surrender.  (Surviving History via The Browser)


Alec Baldwin does a great job interviewing David Letterman.  (Here’s the Thing)

How does the film industry actually make money?  (NYTimes)

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