Quote of the day

George John, “Big data is the new quant investing.”  (Forbes)

Chart of the day

Where is the muni bond volatility?  (Income Investing)


A look a market performance at the half-way mark.  (research puzzle pix)

On the risk of overindulging in ‘safe assets.’  (Money Game)

Don’t forget about dividend growth when looking at dividend yield.  (YCharts Blog)

Normal stock returns are not all that normal.  (Canadian Couch Potato)

Is there still a value premium in large caps?  (SSRN via Tradestreaming)

You don’t have to play into the hands of high frequency traders.  (Macro Rants)


What would your investing checklist look like?  (Above the Market)

High fees cut into your returns: pretty simple.  (Big Picture)

How can you tell if your financial adviser is any good?  (Jason Zweig)


Are investor too enamored of the $VIX as an equity market hedge?  (Barron’s also SSRN)

What does the $VIX futures basis tell us about forward returns?  (SSRN)


All the growth is in mobile.  (A VC)

Twitter is playing with fire.  (GigaOM)

Is Web 2.0 too reliant on Amazon Web Services?  (AllThingsD, GigaOM)

The tech world is beset with changing ecosystems and business models.  (NYTimes)

Is the iPhone ruining everything?  (Daily Intel)


Just how much as the Countrywide Financial purchase cost Bank of America ($BAC)?  (WSJ)

Don’t hold your breath. The JOBS Act will not get implemented for awhile.  (Pando Daily)

Bank lending continues to accelerate.  (Calafia Beach Pundit)


A vote for a hard landing in China.  (Barron’s)

More questions than answers from the most recent Euro summit.  (Gavyn Davies, Big Picture, The Atlantic)

China’s official PMI comes in at 50.2.  (FT, Money Game)

Why Japan should ease monetary policy in a big way.  (Supply Side Liberal)


The many side effects of low interest rates.  (Economist)

Americans are still going out to eat.  (Calculated Risk)

Housing will save the US economy in 2012.  (Money Game)

Shadow housing inventory is shrinking faster than commonly believed.  (Sober Look)

Health care is now going to start evolving in some interesting ways.  (NYTimes, New Yorker)

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Mixed media

Five news blogging lessons from non-news blogs.  (paidContent)

Congratulations to TED on a blogging milestone.  (The Epicurean Dealmaker)

Guy Lawson’s Octopus: Sam Israel, the Secret Market, and Wall Street’s Wildest Con  is a “heckuva story.”  (NYTimes)

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