Here are a handful of Independence Day links to hold you over to tomorrow. Be safe out there.

Apple ($AAPL) is making a smaller form iPad.  (WSJ, Daring Fireball)

Should you invest in world bond funds?  (LearnBonds)

Why passive investing is preferable for most investors.  (Big Picture)

Johnson & Johnson ($JNJ) is cheap.  (ValueWalk)

Rethinking ETN credit risk.  (IndexUniverse)

What will the ECB do tomorrow?  (Real Time Economics)

How Libor is like the Higgs boson.  (WSJ also NYTimes)

Where is all the housing inventory?  (Calculated Risk)

Understanding Twitter for what it is, not what is could/should be.  (SplatF)

The stadium naming rights curse strikes again.  (Dealbook)

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