Quote of the day

Gatis Roze, “Winners have a trading plan. Winners trade their plan. ”  (StockCharts Blog)

Chart of the day

Where’s the fear?  (Tyler’s Trading also MarketBeat)


Are high dividend yields relative to bond yields a buy signal?  (Marketblog)

A case study in market overreaction.  (Rajiv Sethi)

The most important charts in the world.  (Money Game)

The contrarian attraction of gold.  (Mark Hulbert also Afraid to Trade)


14 attributes that make a good portfolio manager from Leon Cooperman.  (Market Folly)

Investing in commodities has moved beyond naive, static strategies.  (FT)

In search of the king of all tactical asset allocation models.  (Turnkey Analyst)

Trying to mimic institutional alternative investing strategies for individuals is fraught with challenges.  (Above the Market)


Missed opportunities: Digg sells to Betaworks.  (WSJ, Pando Daily)

Is Costco ($COST) broken?  (Herb Greenberg)

American supermarkets are beset with competition (and problems).  (WSJ)

The cloud computing industry is maturing and evolving at a rapid pace.  (WSJ)


Libor may be broken, but what is the alternative?  (Economist)

What might Libor end up costing the banks?  (FT)

DH, “Scandals and fraud are nothing new, but the trend is up for the scale and frequency.  Something has got to change.”  (Dynamic Hedge)

Apparently the London whale was adept at hiding losses. (WSJ, Dealbreaker, FT Alphaville)


Vanguard is thinking about a push into banking.  (InvestmentNews)

17 ETFs for day traders.  (ETFdb)


Can Russia create a new Silicon Valley?  (Economist)

China has little interest in investigating fraudulent companies.  (Floyd Norris)

The ECB’s policy bind.  (Bonddad Blog)


Some signs for hope for the domestic economy.  (NYTimes)

Why is Ben Bernanke so reluctant to act?  (Gavyn Davies also FT Alphaville)

What if the decline in jobless claims is real?  (Real Time Economics)

Rail traffic is still a mixed bag.  (Pragmatic Capitalism)

Earlier on Abnormal Returns

On the need for an occasional news diet.  (Abnormal Returns)

What you missed in our Friday morning linkfest.  (Abnormal Returns)

Mixed media

A nice review of The Options Traders Hedge Fund: A Business Framework for Trading Equity and Index Options by Mark Sebastian and Dennis Chen.  (Condor Options)

The worst Congress..ever.  (Wonkblog)

Career advice from Nobel prize winners.  (New Scientist)

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