Quote of the day

Robert Seawright, “Complexity, optimization, leverage and efficiency all conspire against redundancy, nature’s primary risk management tool.”  (Above the Market)

Chart of the day

MSFT Chart

MSFT data by YCharts

Lost decade or not, why Microsoft ($MSFT) still doesn’t get it. (TrendRida)

Strip of the day

Dilbert is still taking shots at the banks.  (Dilbert)


The wrong sectors continue to lead the market.  (Dynamic Hedge)

Some investors in pursuit of yield clearly don’t understand closed-end funds.  (Jason Zweig)


Should you quit trading?  (SMB Training)

MS, “Exchanges have circuit breakers and so should you.”  (Mortality Sucks)


The pressure is now mounting on Procter & Gamble’s ($PG) CEO.  (WSJ)

Berkshire Hathaway ($BRKA) is buying shares in Phillips 66 ($PSX).  (Market Folly)

Could a successful Manchester United listing be the start of a trend?  (Economist)

PayPal has issues.  (Pando Daily)


Why JP Morgan ($JPM) stock is still cheap.  (The Brooklyn Investor)

Why the big banks are uninvestable.  (Big Picture)


A look at short-term bond ETFs as an alternative to money market funds.  (Barron’s)

Ten surprising ETF closures.  (IndexUniverse)


The Euro makes the cover.  (Barron’s)

Why investors love Danish bonds.  (Sober Look)


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