Earnings estimates

The stock market has rallied despite falling earnings estimates.  (Crossing Wall Street, Horan Capital)

How our brains respond to negative earnings surprises may surprise you.  (Jason Zweig)


Gold is once again on the move.  (StockCharts Blog, Global Macro Monitor)

August was a bad month for dividend payers.  (Bespoke)

Some signs that investor sentiment has gotten a bit frothy.  (Pragmatic Capitalism)

Is the stock market over Bernanke?  (Term Sheet)


What exactly do you mean when you are talking about risk?  (Above the Market)

If you want to trade there is no better time than the present.  (Crosshairs Trader)

Checking in on the performance of the Ivy Portfolio.  (dshort)


Illinois Tool Works ($ITW) is trying to streamline its business without any spinoffs.  (WSJ)

Facebook ($FB) shareholders are getting exactly what they bough into.  (SAI)


Ten inviolable rules for dealing with Wall Street.  (Barry Ritholtz)

Has Calamos Asset Management ($CLMS) really found its savior?  (Mutual Fund Observer)

Private equity once again in the tax spotlight.  (NYTimes)


On the odds of QE3.  (Tim Duy, Calculated Risk)

Criticism of the Fed for not being more aggressive.  (Real Time Economics, Economix)

Reluctant governments have made central bankers more powerful.  (Dealbook)

On the utter unworkability of a gold standard.  (Econbrowser)

US consumer spending is surprisingly robust.  (Sober Look)

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Mixed media

Fast food: the bad and the good.  (Money & Co., ibid)

Who stole 10 million pounds of maple syrup?  (Globe and Mail)

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