Quote of the day

Brian Lund, “I don’t begrudge those who are successful with complex setups and strategies, but for the vast majority of us who are not running the quant desk at Goldman Sachs, simple is better.”  (Brian Lund)

Chart of the day

Ford ($F) is breaking out.  (StockCharts Blog)


Scared money doesn’t make money.  (The Reformed Broker)

A couple of signs of elevated sentiment.  (The Short Side of Long contra Bespoke)

Low rates imply an ever bigger emphasis on lower fees.  (Learn Bonds)


Just what is an MLP these days?  (WSJ)

What happened after the JP Morgan Alerian MLP ETN ($AMJ) got capped.  (Forbes)

The big MLP ETPs have some flaws.  (Morningstar)


What are your investment beliefs?  (the research puzzle)

What is the Graham Number?  (Crossing Wall Street)

On the challenge of seeing the bigger picture.  (ETF Replay)

Lessons on risk from the Yale University endowment.  (Above the Market)

Why advisers like passive funds.  (Institutional Imperative)


Why Berkshire Hathaway ($BRKA) shares are cheap.  (SumZero)

In this way Twitter is larger than Facebook ($FB).  (Eric Jackson)

Jeff Bezos needs to find a way to get all that video onto TVs.  (AllThingsD, SplatF)

Apple ($AAPL) has yet to figure out a new Apple TV.  (GigaOM)


The very limited upside of hedge fund advertising.  (Felix Salmon, ProPublica)

On the prospect for expense cuts from iShares.  (Institutional Investor)

In praise of spinoffs.  (Focus on Funds)


No big surprises from the Draghi announcement on bond buying.  (WSJ, FT)


Two encouraging signs from the labor market.  (Capital Spectator, Economic Intersection)

Services are outperforming manufacturing in the current economy.  (Calculated Risk)

A preview of tomorrow’s NFP number.  (Calculated Risk, Bonddad Blog)

Introducing Marginal Revolution University.  (Marginal Revolution)


Frictions are getting reduced for entrepreneurs starting a company.  (Pando Daily)

Equity swaps are back.  (WSJ)

In praise of experienced executives in start-up land.  (Pando Daily)

Zack Miller talks with Michael Carvin CEO of SmartAsset.  (Tradestreaming)

Earlier on Abnormal Returns

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Mixed media

How Asheville, North Carolina became the craft beer capital of America.  (Fast Company)

The most “weekendish” neighborhoods.  (Felix Salmon)

The weak economy is having an effect on NFL ticket sales.  (Money & Co.)

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