Quote of the day

Jason Zweig, “Above all, whenever there is a choice between simple and cheap on the one hand, and expensive and complex on the other, favor the former.”  (WSJ)

Chart of the day

Fed fallout: a weaker dollar and higher commodity prices.  (StockCharts Blog)


Behold the collapse in MBS spreads.  (Sober Look)

Is the Fed really causing the stock market to rally?  (ValuePlays)

The next steps the markets need to continue to rally.  (MarketBeat)

Joe, “The economy isn’t the market and pundits can’t trade.”  (UpsideTrader)


Conviction makes a good trader great.  (SMB Training)

A review of Eric Falkenstein’s The Missing Risk Premium: Why Low Volatility Investing Works.  (Aleph Blog)


Why Silicon Valley and Wall Street differ so much in their assessment of Facebook ($FB).  (Pando Daily)

Hewlett-Packard ($HPQ) needs a smartphone do-over.  (Pando Daily)

It’s official the era of the personal computer is over.  (AllThingsD)


Investment banking is no longer the cash cow it once was.  (Economist, ibid)

Why the SEC came down on the NYSE.  (Dealbreaker)

Why we can’t simplify bank regulation.  (Felix Salmon)


Expect the MSCI Frontier 100 Index ETF ($FM) to be the new standard.  (IndexUniverse)

The Fed

When the Fed chair is an academic.  (The Street Light via @markthoma)

In praise of Fed independence.  (Rational Irrationality, Free exchange)

What exactly has the Fed pledged to do?  (The Atlantic)

An interview with Michael Woodford.  (Wonkblog)

How much do the Fed’s action actually help Main Street?  (Dealbook)

Earlier on Abnormal Returns

What you missed in our long form Saturday linkfest.  (Abnormal Returns)

Top clicks this week on Abnormal Returns.  (Abnormal Returns)

Mixed media

Can education solve the problem of financial illiteracy?  (Barron’s)

How the Thiel Fellowship recipients are doing in the real world.  (NYTimes)

The art and science of making something go viral.  (Fast Company)

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