For those of you who just can’t get enough Abnormal Returns content I have a couple of newly published articles up in the wider world.

The first is a post entitled “Investing Books That Go Above and Beyond” over at the new Amazon Money & Markets blog. The blog which includes posts from the likes of Greg Ip and Ken Fisher is a part of the newly launched Amazon Money & Markets store which aims to be “a one-stop shop for career-minded finance professionals.”

My contribution is designed to be the first in a series of posts on investing books. Having written my own book on investing I recognize how difficult it is to write a book, let alone a good one, so I thought it would interesting to point to books that I think are worth a reader’s time (and money). So keep an eye on the new Amazon blog for recommendations in additional finance categories.

If that wasn’t enough I also have an article, “Big trends emerge from the lost decade for stocks” in this week’s IBJ.* Written a couple of weeks ago I look at three (or four) big trends that have emerged over the past decade (or so) that has changed the way how we invest. Not surprisingly I mention the emergence of ETFs as a game-changer for investors and advisers alike.

It’s nice to get our content into the wider world. Look for more to come.

*Subscriber only.