Quote of the day

Marc Principato, “Most of the time, the losses that we generate are our own fault. It is very easy to find someone to blame for our lack of success and the dealer is an easy target.”  (SMB Training)

Chart of the day

LQD Total Return Price Chart

LQD Total Return Price data by YCharts

Why you shouldn’t expect double digit returns from investment grade bonds going forward.  (Income Investing)


Two market decades (1990-1999 vs. 2000-2012) in contrast.  (Timely Portfolio)

A century’s worth of evidence on trend-following strategies.  (AQR via @quantivity)

A spreadsheet to put day of the month seasonality to the test.  (MarketSci Blog)


Don’t forget that behavioral biases show up in the real estate market as well.  (The Psy-Fi Blog)

Why your kid needs a Roth IRA.  (Marketwatch)


Seven big challenges facing Intel ($INTC).  (Quartz)

The long and success life of JB Hunt ($JBHT).  (research puzzle pix)

Corporate boards are expanding their power relative to CEOs.  (Dealbook also Felix Salmon)


CME Group ($CME) is buying the Kansas City Board of Trade.  (WSJ)

Bridgewater Associates investors should note the ambitious plans for the new HQ.  (Stamford Advocate, TRB)

A sign of the times? A high profile, high frequency trader shuts down.  (Dealbook also Businessweek)


Dividends+low vol equals the PowerShares S&P 500 High Dividend Portfolio ($SPHD).  (IndexUniverse)

What is an index worth?  (IndexUniverse)


September housing starts and permits surge: good news indeed.  (Calculated Risk, Capital Spectator, Bonddad Blog)

How real estate drives jobs growth.  (Quartz)

The Eurozone forced Japan and Switzerland to buy US Treasuries.  (Sober Look)

What companies are saying about the fiscal cliff.  (Quartz)

Earlier on Abnormal Returns

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Why sitting is so dangerous to your health.  (Well)

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Whipsaw alert: now multivitamins help prevent cancer.  (NYTimes)

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