Quote of the day

Marco Ament, “Every action on the Surface feels deliberate. It feels like you’re using a computer.”  (Marco.org)

Chart of the day

Amazon’s stock price has been resilient for a long time.  (StockCharts Blog)


The market is best described as ‘apathetic‘ at the moment.  (Dynamic Hedge)

Market P/E ratios continue to trend lower.  (Horan Capital)

By this measure Treasury real yields are once again positive.  (Bloomberg)


Of course we live in the golden age of investing.  (Mint earlier Abnormal Returns)

A-Rod, sunk costs and the disposition effect.  (Musings on Markets)

The case for GDP-weighted global bond portfolios.  (WSJ)


The stakes for Microsoft ($MSFT) keep getting ratcheted up.  (Economist, WSJ)

How the Zune helped revive Microsoft.  (Slate)

How Amazon ($AMZN) could get into local commerce in a big way.  (Forbes also Slate)

Is the market undervaluing the Nook business of Barnes & Noble ($BKS)?  (Barron’s)

The challenge of falling subscription revenue for the New York Times ($NYT).  (GigaOM)


The SEC is investigating wider tick sizes for less liquid securities.  (WSJ, Aleph Blog)

REITs are hot, ergo everybody wants to become one.  (Jason Zweig)

The asset-baked commercial paper market has nearly disappeared.   (Sober Look)

Kicking John Paulson while he is down.  (Dealbreaker)


The StockTwits API is open for business.  (Pando Daily)

Notes from Stocktoberfest.  (@gordonbowman)


Does your muni bond fund own a big chunk of Puerto Rican bonds?  (Morningstar via Focus on Funds)

The bank loan ETF space just doubled in size with the coming aunch of the Pyxis/iBoxx Senior Loan ETF ($SNLN).  (IndexUniverse)


Why are economists hanging on to their old growth models for China?  (Michael Pettis)

Other currencies are becoming correlated with the renminbi.  (voxEU)


What impact do data centers have on the economy?  (GigaOM)

Just how much did the drought cost the economy?  (Curious Capitalist)

Earlier on Abnormal Returns

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Mixed media

How to go an information diet this election season.  (Big Think)

Why are company bathrooms so bad?  (Businessweek)

Why flying today stinks.  (BizJournals)

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