In light of closed markets we decided to take a look back at what has been popular on the site year-to-date. We thought you might find it interesting what posts Abnormal Returns readers have clicked on the most and the date they were published:

  1. Some market warning signs.  (Joe Fahmy – Oct. 10)
  2. Major asset class performance for August.  (Capital Spectator – Sept. 1)
  3. A market timing rule that works. (Falkenblog – Feb. 7)
  4. 9 mistakes great traders never make.  (Brian Lund – Oct. 8)
  5. GMO asset class forecasts.  (World Beta – Oct. 10)
  6. The best stock market indicator ever?  (dshort – multiple)
  7. This George Soros speech just went viral.  (Money Game – June 3)
  8. Where did all the bears go?  (The Short Side of Long – Sept. 26)
  9. What is R?  (Brian Lund – Oct. 12)
  10. Checking in on Warren Buffett’s favorite valuation indicator.  (Pragmatic Capitalism – June 19)

In that same light here are the top ten Abnormal Returns-authored posts readers were clicking on:

  1. There’s never been a better time to be an individual investor.  (Abnormal Returns – Feb. 14)
  2. Download this and thank me later.  (Abnormal Returns – Feb. 7)
  3. No one knows nothing: the Apple edition.  (Abnormal Returns – Jan. 24)
  4. Wall Street was never on your side.  (Abnormal Returns – Feb. 28)
  5. On the importance of avoid unforced errors in investing.  (Abnormal Returns – June 27)
  6. Finance blogger wisdom: a lifetime of good investing.  (Abnormal Returns – June 10)
  7. The seeds of a new secular bull market are being sown.  (Abnormal Returns – May 24)
  8. Cheap ETFs provide an almost free lunch.  (Abnormal Returns – Sept. 20)
  9. You are not all that unique an investor.  (Abnormal Returns – Mar. 21)
  10. Finance blogger wisdom: changed thinking.  (Abnormal Returns – June 11)

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