Quote of the day

Marc Principato, “So is mobile trading easy? Technically it is nothing more than sending orders to buy or sell through your mobile device. Sure it’s easy. The difficulty that remains is you still need to have a sound trading plan that will allow you such flexibility.”  (SMB Training)

Chart of the day

Apple ($AAPL) stock is now in a bear market.  (Forbes, Money Game)


How confident are you in $110 in S&P 500 earnings next year?  (The Reformed Broker)

Unsettling news for the prospect for dividends.  (Political Calculations)

Are ‘Mom and Pop’ investors really driving high yield bond prices higher?  (Learn Bonds also Pragmatic Capitalism)

Mortgage REITs are getting crushed.  (Income Investing, 24/7 Wall St.)

How big a deal is the ‘dividend cliff‘?  (MarketBeat)


Breaking down the asset allocation of a Dalio-esque “all weather” portfolio.  (CSS Analytics)

Why you should take academic research on factor returns with a grain of salt.  (World Beta)

A closer look at a seasonality-based portfolio strategy.  (allETF)

Jack Schwager talks with Michael Covel about his new book Market Sense and Nonsense: How Markets Really Work (and How They Don’t).  (iTunes)


Soon you will have no excuse for not working. Microsoft Office is coming to iOS.   (The Verge)

Should Facebook ($FB) buy Tumblr?  (GigaOM, Pando Daily)


Is the return of mega-buyouts finally here?  (Money Game)

Just in case you think your high-paying job can’t be replaced by an algorithm.  (Bloomberg, FT Alphaville)

Hey, what’s the deal with high frequency trading?  (Planet Money)

Tells you all you need to know: why Wall Street is a haven for former politicians.  (Dealbook)


There is no shortage of misleading ETF names.  (IndexUniverse)

ETF statistics for October 2012.  (Invest With an Edge, Ticker Sense)


The People’s Bank of China’s balance sheet has stopped growing.  (Also Sprach Analyst)

Can Germany hang onto its manufacturing prowess?  (Quartz)


How an improving economy changed the Presidential race.  (Daniel Gross)

What the election means for the prospect for the fiscal cliff.  (Macro Man)

Why aren’t people moving in America any more?  (The Atlantic)

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Election lessons

In defense of data.  (Above the Market)

Six non-political lessons from the election.  (Big Picture)

The lesson from the 2012 election season: polling works.  (Slate)

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