We have received a number of e-mails asking where our early morning 7atSeven posts have gone. Effectively immediately I am going to stop publishing them. I started doing them back in January 2011 as an outgrowth from the old Abnormal Returns Now days. However now is as good a  time as any to take back a little control of my schedule. There are a number of two reasons why this make sense:

  1. I took a week off from them a couple of weeks ago and greatly enjoyed the freedom it provided. To effectively do an early morning link post at 7AM Eastern time you have to do some of the work the night before in addition to getting up early. The additional pageviews are not worth the incremental effort.
  2. Since starting this series of links posts there has been an explosion in the number of other blogs that have chosen this time of day to publish. In addition Twitter, overnight and early in the morning, is brimming with all manner of content. In short, there are plenty of good options for readers interested in a pre-market take on the news.

Now that I think about it really just boils down to a simple cost/benefit trade-off. So for now we will focus on the daily linkfest which (usually) comes out at 1PM when there is a chance to make a greater impact. As always thanks for the support and continued readership.