Quote of the day

John Coumarianos, “It turns out, investors tolerate losses reasonably well as long as everyone else is losing. It’s kind of the investment version of misery loves company. ”  (Institutional Imperative)

Chart of the day

DXJ Total Return Price Chart

DXJ Total Return Price data by YCharts

Investors continue to pour money into the WisdomTree Japan Hedged Equity Fund ($DXJ).   (ETF Trends)


The story of some individual investors getting back into the stock market.  (WSJ)

Checking in on the ultimate rotation strategy.  (EconomPic Data)

At some point we will some rotation from yield-heavy sectors to cyclicals.  (A Dash of Insight)

Dr. Copper is pretty weak.  (Global Macro Monitor)

Three bearish charts for equities.  (Stone Street Advisors)


Why default 401(k) selections matter.  (Jason Zweig)

There is a gap between the professional and financial IQs of doctors and lawyers.  (NYTimes)

Beware companies that prevent the revelation of bad news.  (Big Picture)


Why aren’t bad corporate directors thrown out by shareholders?  (NYTimes)

ESPN is the true gem of Disney ($DIS).  (Economist)


Why the financial sector will likely continue to shrink.  (Real Interloper)


Why Italy looks cheap.  (WSJ)

France is now dragging down core Europe.  (Sober Look)

Why the Euro is doomed.  (The Atlantic)


Economic surprises are becoming hard to come by.  (The Reformed Broker)

Traffic is getting worse…and that is a good sign for the economy.  (NYTimes)

On the divergence between CPI and PCE measures of inflation.  (Free exchange, RTE)

The downside of a US manufacturing renaissance.  (Free exchange)

A look back at the week in economic reports.  (Bonddad Blog, Calculated Risk)

The economic schedule for the coming week.  (Calculated Risk)

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Mixed media

Maple syrup production is going high tech.  (NYTimes)

Men who do more housework have less sex.  (Scientific American)

There were more strikeouts in 2012 than at any time in major league history.  (NYTimes)

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