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Some lesser known explanations of the low vol anomaly.  (Falkenblog)

What happens to investors if we enter a new epoch?  (Pimco)

How you present returns matters a great deal.  (Monevator)

Popularity and alternative investments don’t mix.  (Above the Market)

Is there an investing gene?  (Total Return)

Americans still aren’t saving enough.  (Free exchange)


High frequency trading is losing its luster.  (Advanced Trading)

What do we know about high-frequency trading?  (SSRN)


What Cyprus tells us about banks.  (Quartz)

Why you should bank with a smaller bank.  (Felix Salmon)


Lessons from the Bitcoin economy.  (Pragmatic Capitalism)

Why Bitcoin isn’t something to celebrate.  (Felix Salmon)

Digital cash, in one form or another, is coming.  (Blooomberg)


Facebook ($FB) one year in from the botched IPO.  (Vanity Fair)

A profile of Henry Blodget.  (New Yorker)


Why are women still underrepresented in executive ranks?  (Dealbook)

Would paid paternity leave change the jobs market?  (NYTimes)

Age vs. gender: which affects risk aversion more?  (FT)

An excerpt from Suzanne Evans’ Machiavelli for Moms: Maxims on the Effective Governance of Children.  (WSJ)


Think you know all the founders of Twitter? Think again.  (BuzzFeed)

Bloomberg is embracing Twitter.  (Dealbook, New York)

Then again so is the BLS.  (Quartz)

Why tapping into the right social community makes good business sense.  (HBR)


RIP, Roger Ebert.  (Chicago Sun-Times, Slate, paidContent)

What comedic giants does Louis C.K. stand on the shoulders of today?  (NYTimes)

Netflix adultery is no laughing matter.  (NYMag)


Sabermetrics have invaded the broadcast booth.  (NYTimes)

Everything you ever wanted to know about MLB ticket prices.  (Quartz)

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Eat more fish.  (Well, Science Blog)

The optimistic message from our obsession with zombies.  (Daniel Drezner)

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