Thanks for checking in with us this weekend.  Here are the items our readers clicked most frequently on Abnormal Returns for the week ended Saturday, May 25th, 2013. The description reads as it does in the relevant linkfest:

  1. Keep an eye out for a “melt up mode” market.  (UpsideTrader)
  2. Why blowhards don’t make money.  (The Reformed Broker)
  3. Three simple, lazy portfolios.  (Rick Ferri)
  4. How to approach an overbought market.  (Big Picture)
  5. The portfolio manager strategy cycle.  (Pragmatic Capitalism)
  6. Stocks the “ultimate stock pickers” are buying.  (Morningstar)
  7. Time to trim.  (Aleph Blog)
  8. What to do about REITs?  (Mebane Faber)
  9. Does the ‘Magic Formula‘ work?  (Old School Value)
  10. Where market stand today.  (The Reformed Broker)

Here is a look at what else you may have missed on the site:

  1. The mirage that is financial literacy: a take on Helaine Olen’s Pound Foolish: The Dark Side of the Personal Finance Industry.  (Amazon Money & Markets)

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