Here is an abbreviated linkfest for Memorial Day. Here’s hoping you make the most of the day off.

Quote of the day

Matthew Yglesias, “Skilled workers, whether in technology or in basketball, are good for the country. ”  (Slate)


Why are you listening to sell calls from guys who never bought into the rally in the first place?  (A Dash of Insight)

What’s your definition of a bubble?  (Morningstar)

The paradox of dumb money.  (The Reformed Broker)

Is low vol overbought?  (Falkenblog)


Streaming video is slowly killing cable.  (Pando Daily)

Beware the “campus curse“, Apple, Facebook and Amazon.  (Reuters)

Bots have invaded the ticket industry.  (NYTimes)


Warren Buffett’s investing strategy is different than you think.  (Pragmatic Capitalism contra TRB)

Biotech investing is back.  (FT)


Ironically, Europe may be facing a skilled employee shortage.  (FT)

Is China ready to integrate its markets?  (Marketwatch)

Emerging markets investment has been a bit nilly-willy.  (FT)


Looking forward to the end of QE.  (Fatas and Mihov via @markthoma)

Monetary policy is not interest rate policy.  (Worthwhile Canadian Initiative)

State-led fiscal drag may finally be coming to an end.  (Calculated Risk, Money Game)

California is not the new Greece.  (The Reformed Broker)

Mixed media

How to manage your time better: lessons from Glei and Belsky’s Manage Your Day-to-Day: Build Your Routine, Find Your Focus and Sharpen Your Creative Mind.  (Farnam Street)

Don’t underestimate the power of doing nothing.  (Chicago Tribune)

Your old electronics are not getting shipped to China.  (Bloomberg)

Tea is the new coffee.  (LATimes)

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