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Robert Seawright, “The world we live in is profoundly complex and is much more difficult for us to navigate than we usually think or assume.”  (Above the Market)

Chart of the day

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Interest rates are rising: why we should be happy about that.  (Wonkblog)


Joe D., “Friday left a mark.”  (UpsideTrader)

The market environment has changed.  (Ivanhoff Capital)

The stock market needs another “immaculate rotation” to continue rising.  (Unexpected Returns also WSJ)

A look at market sentiment measures.  (The Short Side of Long)

Beware crowded trades.  (Long Short)


Bonds still have a ways to go to become attractive.  (A Dash of Insight)

Does your 401(k) plan need to have “funky bond funds“?  (MoneyBeat)

Seriously, hedge funds aren’t worth it.  (Mark Hulbert also Time)


People have very distorted views of Facebook ($FB).  (Justin Fox)

Are electric car sales at a tipping point?  (The Daily Beast)

Some thoughts on mobile.  (Chris Dixon)


Don’t worry about the return of cov-lite loans.  (Felix Salmon)

A look at the June IPO calendar.  (MoneyBeat)

The issuance of restricted stock is an expense.  (Barron’s)

The regulation of money market mutual funds is a good test case for Dodd-Frank.  (Dealbook)


June’s new wide-ranging monthly commentary on the mutual fund world.  (Mutual Fund Observer)

Vanguard’s new international bond funds are imminent.  (ETF Trends)


Emerging markets are a bit of a wreck.  (Sober Look)

The world has changed: a look at the “third wave of financial globalization.”  (Conversable Economist)

Germans are now exporting their “dual track” education system.  (Economist)


Is the Fed relying too much on the wealth effect?  (MoneyBeat)

Expect further increases in the Case-Shiller home price indices in June.  (Calculated Risk)

Dick Lepre, “The notion of a [housing] bubble is an illusion created by fewer distressed sales.”  (The Basis Point)

Tyler Cowen, “The world will continue to produce much more value, and much more gdp, but who will capture that value is already changing dramatically and will continue to do so.”  (Marginal Revolution)

A look back at the economic week that was.  (Bonddad Blog)

The economic schedule for the coming week.  (Calculated Risk)

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Mixed media

Meet the Apple of the coffee world:  Nespresso.  (Quartz)

Why can’t Canada win the Stanley Cup?  (FiveThirtyEight)

Turney Duff’s The Buy Side: A Wall Street Trader’s Tale of Spectacular Excess is an entertaining cautionary tale.  (NYTimes)

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