This is an early (and incomplete) version of the linkfest. Good luck out there.

Money is gushing into the stock market.  (Business Insider, Short Side of Long)

Large cap technology is officially the worst sector going.”  (Dynamic Hedge)

In praise of cash.  (MoneyBeat)

Is the so-called ‘commodities supercycle‘ dead?  (WSJ)

Currency investors are having tough time of it.  (MoneyBeat)

iTunes is officially a big business for Apple ($AAPL).  (Apple 2.0)

Apple is testing bigger iPad and iPhone screens.  (Marketwatch)

Will an activist investor get Microsoft ($MSFT) moving in the right direction?  (Quartz)

Netflix ($NFLX) is turning the media world upside down.  (NYTimes)

The SEC’s case against Steve Cohen.  (Felix Salmon)

What you may have missed in our Sunday linkfest.  (Abnormal Returns)

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