Quote of the day

Howard Lindzon, “You can’t buy Apple just because Carl Icahn said so…It’s your money you need to be responsible with it.”  (CNBC)

Chart of the day


Putting some parameters on a potential market correction.  (Alpha Capture)


Signs of froth in the market.  (Howard Lindzon also Barron’s)

Have the markets fully discounted a Fed taper?  (Humble Student)

Long Argentina, short Chile has been the trade of the year: YTD country stock market performance.  (Bespoke)


What will you do if a correction comes?  (The Reformed Broker)

David Merkel, ” Value investing is SAFE and cheap, not CHEAP and safe.”  (Aleph Blog)

When market valuations should affect asset allocation decisions.  (Rick Ferri)


Despite the stock price rise it has not been a good week for Apple ($AAPL) CEO Tim Cook.  (Pando Daily, FT)

Booz Allen Hamilton ($BH) continues to win government contracts.  (The Daily Beast)

These companies want to put your local supermarket out of business.  (SF Weekly via @digg)

What’s worse: airline competition or airline monopolies?  (Justin Fox)


Three lessons from a hedge fund Ponzi scheme.  (The Reformed Broker)

Hedge fund guys are giving up on gold.  (Bloomberg, FT)

Activist investor Nelson Peltz took a big stake in DuPont ($DD).  (WSJ)

We really don’t know how much small investors are losing on their trades.  (CNNMoney)


There are now 1500+ ETPs traded in the US.  (IndexUniverse)

Do tactical asset allocation funds get the job done?  (CBS News)


Weekly initial unemployment claims continue to trend lower.  (Calculated Risk)

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Biz media

Check out a new, free online asset allocation tool.  (TurnkeyStats)

Herb Greenberg is headed back to TheStreet.com.  (TalkingBizNews)

Ten reasons why TED isn’t posting any more.  (The Epicurean Dealmaker)


Your “local beer” may not be brewed locally.  (Slate)

Why canned beer is better and worthy of its own craft beer festival.  (BI, IndyStar)

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