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Quote of the day

Michael Gayed, “There are times when the market acts with certainty that all is awful. Those tend to be good entry points over time.”  (Businessweek)

Chart of the day


Beware the decline in junk bond prices.  (Kimble Charting)


Market divergences are piling up.  (Mark Hulbert, Afraid to Trade)

A handful of measures are showing the US stock market to be overvalued.  (Pragmatic Capitalism contra Rekenthaler Report, CBP)

Why we are in for some more market volatility.  (Price Action Lab)

The safe haven bubble has popped. What comes next?  (MacroBusiness, MoneyBeat)


Most Americans don’t know how interest rates and bond prices work.  (The Reformed Broker)

Why the big move in bonds may be over.   (Fat Pitch)

Muniland is shrinking.  (Reuters)


What’s your bread and butter trade?  (Phil Pearlman)

How cluttered portfolios get built.  (Big Picture)

20 insights from Richard Love’s Superperformance Stocks.  (ST50)


How a focus on factors has raised the hurdle for alpha generation.  (Morningstar)

High dividend strategies are no longer all that cheap.  (Larry Swedroe)


Why Yahoo! ($YHOO) needs to engage in some more financial engineering.  (Eric Jackson)

Is the technology sector really in a ‘slump’?  (TechCrunch)


Short-sellers have had a really tough time of it.  (WSJ)

Cancelling “erroneous trades” only serves to undermine confidence in markets.  (Kid Dynamite)


Emerging markets currencies have been getting crushed.  (TheArmoTrader, MoneyBeat, FT, Bonddad Blog)

Emerging market currencies are now seem undervalued on PPP.  (ETF Trends)


Why economic trend analysis does not need to be overly complicated.  (Capital Spectator)

How reliable are natural gas forecasts a few years out?  (FT Alphaville)

How fear affects risk taking.  (Real Time Economics)

Congratulations on ten years of blogging.  (Marginal Revolution)

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Mixed media

Is PasswordBox a viable password management option?  (WSJ)

Why a virtual personal assistant is an oxymoron.  (Slate)

Why FrontBack works.  (Massive Greatness)

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