Quote of the day

TED, “Luck—good, bad, indifferent—plays a huge role in anyone’s success in my [investment banking] business. So much of what affects what investment bankers do is beyond our ability to control…”  (The Epicurean Dealmaker)

Chart of the day


Don’t look now but the US dollar and Treasury yields are moving in line with each other.  (Sober Look)


September is going to be a heck of a month.  (Business Insider)

Expect more volatility than clarity in the coming week.  (A Dash of Insight)

A look at asset global asset class outperformance (and underperformance) post-crisis.  (The Short Side of Long)

Retail stocks have stalled out.  (Humble Student)


Why Charlie Munger is a model for investors.  (Jason Zweig)

15 biases that make you do dumb stuff with your money.  (Morgan Housel)

Five lessons learned from a father about money.  (Monevator)

Three lessons learned from What I Learned Losing a Million Dollars by Jim Paul and Brendan Moynihan.  (SMB Training)


Corporate culture matters: the case of Microsoft ($MSFT).  (Mark Hulbert)

Investor time horizons are completely at odds with corporate investment cycles.  (BeyondProxy)


Not all European equity ETFs are created equal.  (Barron’s)

Emerging market weakness leads to more stupid acronyms.  (FT)


A look back at the week in economic releases.  (Big Picture)

The economic schedule for the coming holiday-shortened week.  (Calculated Risk, Turnkey Analyst)

Why are so many kids still living at home?  (The Atlantic)

We already have a carbon tax, just not a very good one.  (NYTimes)

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Mixed media

Some insights on the movie theater business from the AMC Networks S-1.  (Quartz)

The top 15 trading movies including Boiler Room.  (All About Alpha)

The highly anticipated Scorcese/Dicaprio film The Wolf of Wall Street will likely join the list above.  (Vulture)

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