Quote of the day

David Carr, “He [Carl Icahn] is akin to everyone’s crazy uncle whom no one should listen to, except everyone does, and he often turns out to be right.”  (NYTimes)

Chart of the day


A look at the S&P 500 inflation adjusted.  (All Star Charts)


Is the market always right?  (Ivanhoff Capital)

How the S&P 500 looks on a valuation basis.  (Dr. Ed’s Blog)

Beware the relief rally.  (Humble Student)

Another company is trying to mine Twitter for trading signals.  (MoneyBeat)


The perfect storm that has hit the TIPS market. (WSJ)

Why you should still have an allocation to TIPS.  (Rick Ferri)


Why Warren Buffett is richer than George Soros.  (Hedge fund via TRB)

Why momentum and value are psychologically-based factors.  (Systematic Relative Strength)

Evidence that sector ETFs are changing how securities are priced these days.  (Univ. of Alabama via @quantivity)

Should you have more than one brokerage account?  (WSJ)


Starting and actually running a company requires different skills.  (A VC)

Wal-Mart ($WMT) is buying more USA-made goods.  (WSJ)

Apple ($AAPL) is constantly under seige and that is a good thing.  (Monday Note)

Is Twitter ($TWTR) the new Tesla ($TSLA)?  (Marketwatch)

Three reasons why the Twitter IPO will not be a replay of the Facebook ($FB) debacle.  (Fortune)


There is a new chat platform backed by the big banks taking on Bloomberg.  (NYTimes)

Warren Buffett has profited handsomely from his crisis-era lending.  (WSJ)

Rising loan volumes are being funded by a surge in individual investor interest.  (WSJ)

DE Shaw is closing to new investors.  (FT)

Commodity hedge funds are a dying breed.  (FT)


If the stock market tanks will Washington take note?  (The Reformed Broker)

Why hasn’t the decline in the budget deficit dented corporate profits?  (Pragmatic Capitalism)

Very little is known about how the Treasury actually pays its bills.  (FT Alphaville)

Oil shale is not an easy game.  (Econbrowser)

Lumber prices are headed higher again.  (Calculated Risk)

Earlier on Abnormal Returns

What you may have missed in our Sunday linkfest.  (Abnormal Returns)

Mixed media

Self-checkout at the grocery store sucks.  (WSJ)

People don’t want separate magazine apps.  (GigaOM)

The new Kindle Paperwhite is “the best e-reader ever.”  (CNNMoney)

Capital is flowing into wine-related startups.  (peHUB)

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