Today marks the eight anniversary of the start of the Abnormal Returns blog. In that time I have published some 4,400 posts and have garnered a dedicated following on Twitter and StockTwits. Recently I have been writing about the importance of “embracing the grind” to achieve anything of note whether it be in trading, investing or some other field. If nothing else the continued longevity of this blog is a testament to the importance of embracing the grind.

I am always gratified to be included in various lists highlighting the Twittersphere and blogosphere. A couple of days ago Business Insider listed @abnormalreturns among the “106 finance people to follow on Twitter.” The description read:

Abnormal returns is a smart “forecast-free investment blog”, and one of the oldest ones in the game.

Abnormal Returns is certainly one of the oldest in the game. That has in large part so many of you have made this blog a part of your daily routines. For that I am grateful. There is something to be said for longevity but there exist other challenges out there. If you have a proposal for me please feel free to reach out. Everyone’s grind needs to be shaken up from time to time.

Thanks again for joining me on this journey. Take a couple of minutes to kick back and listen to this from Cracker. Just substitute “blogiversary” for “birthday”: