This is an early (and incomplete) edition of the linkfest. Good luck out there.

Just how rich are small caps?  (MoneyBeat)

Europe is on a tear.  (Charts etc.)

The state of the junk bond market.  (Economist)

How much lower can corn go?  (Attain Capital)

Low correlations are not all they are cracked up to be.  (Mebane Faber)

Avoid companies that are too chummy with select analysts.  (Unexpected Returns)

Carl Icahn has his very own activist investor.  (Turnkey Analyst)

How are investors to sort through thousands of ‘motifs‘?  (Focus on Funds)

Does Twitter have a patent problem?  (Bloomberg)

Athletes are now going public:  risk factors abound.  (Dealbook)

Americans need a simpler retirement system.  (Marketwatch)

In the aftermath of the shutdown.  (A Dash of Insight, FT Alphaville)

What you may have missed in our Thursday linkfest.  (Abnormal Returns)

How to manage decision fatigue.  (Outside via @pkedrosky)

11 reasons to drink coffee daily.  (Huffington Post)

14 surefire signs you’re part of Finance Twitter.  (Buzzfeed)

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