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The active-passive debate.  (Monevator, ibid)

Do higher dividend payouts signal higher earnings growth?  (Turnkey Analyst)

The bond market is a lot less liquid than it used to be.  (Marketwatch)

How South Dakota became a tax haven for wealthy Americans.  (Bloomberg)


Checking in on the startup scene in Chicago.  (Economist)

Lunch with Peter Thiel.  (FT)


The birth of online.  An excerpt from Walter Isaacson’s new book.  (Medium)

You may soon have an “environmental sensor” in your home.  (Fast Company)

The problem(s) with Google Glass.  (Marginal Revolution)

Inside the Bitcoin mines.  (Dealbook)


Why US parks are full of squirrels.  (Gizmodo)

Can men and women just be friends?  (Scientific American)

Say goodbye Captain, drone cargo ships are coming.  (Quartz)


Researchers are trying to come up with a test for CTE.  (NYTimes)

Yet another medical procedure, meniscus repairs, fails in a controlled setting.  (NYTimes)

James Hablin, “When a person advocates radical change on the order of eliminating one of the three macronutrient groups from our diets, the burden of proof should be enormous.”  (The Atlantic)


A history of the chocolate-chip cookie.  (New Yorker)

Orange juice has an image problem.  (Businessweek)

In praise of Hellman’s mayonnaise and why some people HATE mayo in all its forms.  (Slate, ibid)


Hollywood always seems to be in crisis.  (Economist)

An oral history of Trading Places the greatest Christmas movie ever.  (Business Insider)


Amazon ($AMZN) is cracking down on all manner of “monster erotica.”  (Business Insider)

An excerpt from Viva la Pizza!: The Art of the Pizza Box by Scott Wiener.  (Slate)

Tom Hickman author of God’s Doodle: The Life and Times of the Penis, “What is incontrovertible is that where men and their penises are concerned there are lies, damned lies, and self-measurements.”  (Slate)

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