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Farhad Manjoo, “The smartphone and the tablet *are* the next big things, and we act like spoiled children when we claim that they somehow aren’t enough.”  (WSJ)

A look at 2013 asset class performance.  (Capital SpectatorBespoke, Global Macro Monitor)

Market factors as we start 2014.  (Horan Capital)

Three charts that end up in the same place.  (research puzzle pix)

2013 was filled with bogus charts.  (A Dash of Insight)

On the benefits of being “too small to fail” still hold true in 2014.  (Howard Lindzon)

Why 2013 are setting up to be a big year for Apple ($AAPL).  (Business Insider)

Credit markets are booming. Maybe too much?  (FT)

The venture capital industry continues to shrink. Maybe because they are not funding the right companies. (peHUB also Marketwatch)

Meet the hedge fund managers who crushed it in 2013.  (WSJ)

How Warren Buffett is re-tooling his newspaper holdings.  (WSJ)

The January commentary from David Snowball is up and talks about the trails of deep value managers.  (Mutual Fund Observer)

The implications of Japan’s shrinking population.  (Buttonwood)

The top ten twenty books Abnormal Returns readers purchased in December 2013.  (Abnormal Returns)

What you may have missed in our Tuesday linkfest.  (Abnormal Returns)

Rich guys are no longer ashamed to buy Maseratis. (NYTimes)

History has not been kind to private currencies.  (Bloomberg also TechCrunch)

Good advice for would-be bloggers.  (Aleph Blog)

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