Quote of the day

Carl Richards, “Investment success is not a matter of more information, intelligence or skill. It’s a matter of behavior.”  (Bucks Blog)

Chart of the day


Reagonomics redux, Americans are spending on “pleasure craft” again.  (Business Insider)


CAPE, meet CADY.  (Crossing Wall Street)

Should you buy stocks just because there are no attractive alternatives?  (Mark Hulbert)

Retail stocks are rolling over.  (research puzzle pix)

Muni bonds

Muni bond ETFs have stopped trading at a discount.  (Bloomberg)

The technical case for muni bonds in 2014.  (Barron’s)


Think of stop loss orders as being an “investment in my emotional well-being.”  (MartinKronicle)

Will robo-advisors survive the next bear market?  (InvestmentNews)


Why Google ($GOOG) bought Nest.  (TechCrunch, Re/code, Pando Daily, Daring Fireball, Business Insider, Time)

Why Apple ($AAPL) didn’t.  (SplatF, Business Insider, TUAW)

Charter ($CHTR) wants to buy Time Warner Cable ($TWC).  (Bloomberg, GigaOM, Dealbook)

A look at two very different (big) bets on the future.  (Felix Salmon)


Paul Singer vs. Juniper Networks ($JNPR): who’s right?  (Justin Fox)

Sell-side analysts could find new life as big data analysts.  (TABB Forum via @researchpuzzler)

The Alibaba IPO is going to be a big deal.  (Dealbook)

Loans are increasingly the province of non-bank lenders.  (FT)


Taking apart Martin Whitman’s criticism of efficient markets.  (IndexUniverse)

What flavor of active ETFs is going to emerge successful?  (IndexUniverse)


The two big headwinds for the emerging markets.  (Dr. Ed’s Blog)

Is the Canadian economy rolling over?  (MoneyBeat)


Retail sales increased at a 4.7% year-over-year rate in December.  (Calculated Risk, Capital Spectator)

The crash in safe assets fueled the financial crisis.  (NetNet)

Joshua Brown, “It’s good to be the Fed.”  (The Daily Beast)

ECRI is doubling down on the idea that the recession started in 2012.  (Business Insider)

Earlier on Abnormal Returns

Ten pundits weigh in on the question of financial bubbles.  (Abnormal Returns)

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Mixed media

Your smartphone is telling marketers a great deal about you.  (WSJ)

App monetization is only going to get harder.  (TechCrunch)

A toilet seat has less bacteria than your smartphone.  (Slate)

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