Any one who has read this blog for long knows we don’t go much for forecasts or stock picks. So when asked for the “best investment ideas for the next decade” by Matthew Boesler at Business Insider we got creative…

26. Intellectual, social, physical, and emotional capital

“Giving stocks picks and the like is not the business of Abnormal Returns  I have written a lot over the past couple of years talking about the advances in low-cost investing. So in that regard investors would do well to take advantage of this ‘free lunch.’ So instead of spending countless hours trying to tease out the next hot stock why not invest in yourself. I know that sounds like a bit of new age cliche, but hear me out. The best investment you can make with your marginal dollar (or hour) is in your intellectual, social, physical and emotional capital. Most investment advice is about staying rich. The key to a richer, fuller life is maximizing your potential. For the vast majority of people, time spent in front of the computer searching for the next Twitter or Tesla isn’t it.”

—Tadas Viskanta, founder and editor of Abnormal Returns

You can see the rest of the list over at Business Insider.