It’s no great secret I have been blogging here for awhile now. That is why I found this post from Charlie O’Donnell at This is going to be Big… on the ten things he has learned from ten years of blogging so awesome.* O’Donnell is a venture capitalist but I think his insights stand up pretty well for all finance bloggers as well. All ten are worth a read but there are a couple that really rang true to me.

1. The attention you get from saying something intelligent and thoughtful comes slower and in smaller amounts than the attention you get from being controversial, but it lasts longer, compounding over time.

Last week we talked about the importance of compounding investment experience for young investors. The same holds true for bloggers as well. I think this is why we see so many people who start blogging, oftentimes with a bang, eventually quit. It is a hard slog and the benefits of blogging really only build up over time.

8. You can rarely predict what other people will find interesting about what you have to say–and it’s never the things you say to try to be interesting.

This one will really strike long-time bloggers. Sometimes you throw up a quick post and it gets a huge number of views. Other times you painstakingly craft a post you think will change the world and it quickly ends up as a footnote, at best. That is why it makes sense to publish everything you think is true and noteworthy. You just never know what will strike readers.

Head on over and read all ten. Not surprisingly bloggers will likely find different ones even more interesting.

*Hat tip: @hunterwalk.