Quote of the day

John Lilly, “We are in a pre-pagerank phase of mobile.”  (Medium)

Chart of the day


Is it time for dividend stocks to start outperforming?  (Andrew Thrasher)


Interest in biotechs is “off the charts.”  (TheStreet)

Natural gas is in severe backwardation.  (Bespoke)

Why the dispersion of valuation matters more than average.  (Greenbackd)

Why buybacks are likely to continue apace.  (BCA Research)

Sometimes investors are, for better or worse, out of step with the times.  (Bronte Capital)


Facebook ($FB) is playing the metric game pretty well.  (Musings on Markets)

The strategic fallacy at the heart of Facebook.  (Dealbook)

How carriers are affected by the rise of stand alone messaging apps.  (Bloomberg)

How WhatsApp could make boatloads of money.  (Business Insider)

Bob Lefsetz, “Just because Mark Zuckerberg fleshed out Facebook that does not mean he’s a visionary.”  (Big Picture)


Is Apple ($AAPL) not being aggressive enough on the M&A front?  (TheStreet, Eric Jackson)

Amazon ($AMZN) wants to get into the set-top box business.  (Recode)

The case for Microsoft ($MSFT) and its new CEO.  (Howard Lindzon)

Tesla ($TSLA) is as much a battery company as anything else.  (Quartz)

Google ($GOOG) Fiber sounds awesome.  (Time)

Hedge funds

Hedge funds are starting to gear up their ad plans.  (Dealbook)

2014: the return of big, high profile hedge fund startups.  (WSJ)

2014 is setting well for global macro.  (All About Alpha)


How batch auctions could fix the HFT problem.  (FT Alphaville)

Bank start-up Simple sells to BBVA. Nice deal.  (Felix Salmon, Recode, Dealbook)


The pessimism on emerging markets is palpable.  (FT)

On finding emerging market bargains absent big currency risk. (Institutional Investor)

“The world has stepped on a monetary brake. And I don’t think it will end well.”  (barnejek’s blog also Sober Look)

How science and technology affect living standards.  (FT)


Full employment is “solidly in sight.”  (Inside Investing)

Matthew O’Brien, “When the economy is collapsing like it never has before, you throw everything at the problem, monetary and fiscal stimulus.”  (The Atlantic)

The economy is having a hard time finding a equilibrium on broadband.  (Marginal Revolution)

What game theory means to economists.  (Mark Thoma)

Earlier on Abnormal Returns

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Mixed media

In praise of Om Malik.  (Recode)

Is social media making us stupid?  (Inc.)

Seven underfollowed finance heavyweights on Twitter.  (The Infront Blog)

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