Hot reads: Kevin Roose’s Young Money: Inside the Hidden World of Wall Street’s Post-Crash Recruits “triumphs.”  (FT)

Quote of the day

Warren Buffett, “Forming macro opinions or listening to the macro or market predictions of others is a waste of time. Indeed, it is dangerous because it may blur your vision of the facts that are truly important.”  (Fortune)

Chart of the day


Agricultural commodities (including coffee) are on a run in 2014.  (Bonddad Blog, Quartz)

Video of the day

Consuelo Mack talks with Robert Shiller.  (Wealthtrack)


Where this bull market stands in length and strength.  (Bespoke)

A list of the people who cannot forecast markets.  (The Reformed Broker)

Market breadth is still holding up.  (Humble Student)


Stop benchmarking everything against the S&P 500.  (Pragmatic Capitalism)

Investors trick themselves all the time.  (The Reformed Broker)

You can’t profit unless you invest.  (Howard Lindzon)

On the danger of pursuing portfolio perfection.  (Robert Seawright)

Investor Behavior: The Psychology of Financial Planning and Investing edited by H. Kent Baker and Victor Ricciardi contains a “wealth of information.”  (Reading the Markets)


Why the Netflix ($NFLX) deal with Comcast ($CMCSA) matters.  (The Switch, WSJ, Business Insider, Bronte Capital, Fortune)

Should tech heavyweights act like venture capitalists?  (Ivanhoff Capital)

Why Facebook ($FB) overpaid for WhatsApp.  (Continuations)

What’s the plan for Blackberry ($BBRY)?  (Fox Business)

What Apple’s ($AAPL) recent acquisitions say about its future.  (NYTimes)


This is why data startups are disrupting financial analysis.  (Wall Street & Technology)

The issue on which the future of public pensions hinges.  (Felix Salmon)


Do you know what is your ETF?  (Random Roger)

130/30 mutual funds have been a disappointment.  (ETF)


Norway’s sovereign wealth fund is staffing up.  (FT)

Keep your eye on Ukrainian bond prices.  (WSJ)

Emerging markets are cheap for a reason.  (Dr. Ed’s Blog)


Three drivers of the industrial economy.  (Pragmatic Capitalism)

Is housing weakness temporary or enduring?  (Calculated Risk)

How the government measures housing inflation is messed up.  (Slate)

Can the government do anything about diminished social mobility?  (James Surowiecki)

Earlier on Abnormal Returns

Greg Harmon on the importance of trend: an excerpt from Trading Options: Using Technical Analysis to Design Winning Trades.  (Abnormal Returns)

What you may have missed in our Sunday linkfest.  (Abnormal Returns)

Mixed media

Why are only a handful of America’s houses wired for gigabit?  (Andy Kessler)

More American men work from home than women.  (Quartz)

Why do Americans believe everything Whole Foods ($WFM) dishes up?  (The Daily Beast)

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