Quote of the day

Jeff Miller, “The insightful investor develops solid indicators and then follows the data. This may seem obvious, but instead….Many pundits start with the conclusion and then search for evidence.”  (A Dash of Insight)

Chart of the day


The death of emerging market bonds was exaggerated.  (MoneyBeat)


Eight points on the current CAPE ratio.  (The Reformed Broker)

Assessing long term strength against waning momentum.  (Dynamic Hedge)

A lot of chatter about the ultra-low VIX.  (WSJ, Free Exchange)


Everyone has their own view of history.  (Morgan Housel)

How hyperbolic discounting leads to the disposition effect.  (Alpha Architect)

Why options traders have a great mindset.  (SMB Training)

Solid advice for young investment analysts.  (A Wealth of Common Sense)

Advisors are still pushing clients to get back into equities.  (WSJ)


Big investors have been underweight Apple ($AAPL).  (Fortune)

Why Apple wants Beats.  (TechCrunch)

Why iOS is still the platform to beat.  (Slate)


Google ($GOOG) wants to build a virtual Wi-Fi network.  (GigaOM)

The problem with IBM ($IBM).  (Businessweek)

Is buying people groceries, like Instacart, a business?  (Farhad Manjoo)


The fifty stocks hedge funds love.  (MoneyBeat)

Europe’s ardor for IPOs is cooling.  (FT)

Hedge funds are increasingly tuning into social media. (MoneyBeat)

IEX Group, of Flash Boys fame, is looking to raise capital.  (WSJ)


Illiquid assets in an ETF are still illiquid during times of stress.  (FT, Focus on Funds)

Charles Schwab is a big fan of low cost index funds.  (Marketwatch)

The Russell 2000 is a flawed index.  (A Wealth of Common Sense)


The bearish case for Britain.  (Buttonwood’s notebook)

What the ECB should do in June.  (Sober Look)

What the China-Russia natural gas deal tells us about both countries.  (Daniel Gross)

Just how cheap are Russian stocks?  (ETF)


Three signs the US economy is doing okay.  (Pragmatic Capitalism)

A look at record profit margins.  (Larry Swedroe)

Earlier on Abnormal Returns

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Mixed media

Happy fourth blogiversary.  (Dragonfly Capital)

The logical fallacy behind telling kids to dropout of college.  (Slate)

Five offbeat bets that paid off big time.  (Brian Lund)

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