In case you have been living under a rock the past few weeks you might have missed the big move by Yahoo Finance to bring the financial/investment blogosphere into the fold. Yahoo has launched a Yahoo Finance Contributors site powered by Tumblr. Many of the financial blogosphere’s leading lights have signed on including Joshua Brown, Barry Ritholtz and David Merkel. In addition the site is also publishing content from industry bigfoots like Carl Icahn, Joe Mansueto and James O’Shaughnessy.

It was recently announced that Abnormal Returns now has its own shingle up at Yahoo Finance. You will see some of our posts over there and in addition you can also find links to podcasts and videos on finance topics. For now the daily linkfest can now only be read on the Abnormal Returns blog. It will interesting to see how all this plays out.

Yahoo Finance remains the most trafficked financial web site and therefore has great reach into the investing world. Phil Pearlman has assembled a powerful group of bloggers who can generate worthwhile content for a global audience. Investment blogging is in many ways a tough gig. One thing this new Yahoo Finance initiative does is provide a wide range of bloggers with the reach and access to an interested readership. Absorption it may not be, but it is new and exciting and a great opportunity for the bloggers involved.