Not every one wants to wade through a bunch of links about Apple and their new products. So please find below a bunch of links covering the announcements yesterday about new iPhones, Apple Pay and the new Apple Watch.

The company

Beware snap judgments about products that haven’t even launched.  (Josh Brown)

Apple dominates the Internet, message-wise.  (Stefan Cheplick)

This is Tim Cook’s Apple now.  (Recode)

Will there ever be another company like Apple ($AAPL)?  (The Real Fly)


An overview of the Apple launch day.  (a16z podcast)

There is a lot to like in what Apple announced yesterday.  (Kevin Kelleher)

iPhone 6

Apple once again has the best lineup of phones.  (Farhad Manjoo, Business Insider)

Apple is for the foreseeable future the iPhone company.  (MicroFundy)

Apple Pay

Only Apple could really push a new payments ecosystem.  (NYTimes, Pando Daily, WSJ)

Apple is working with the credit card companies.  (Business Insider, Bloomberg)

Apple Pay could be huge.  (Slate)

Apple Watch

What we know about the Apple Watch.  (Pogue, FT)

And what we don’t.  (GigaOM)

The Apple Watch is by definition a more “intimate” device.  (Steven Levy)

Apple has not solved the smart watch dilemma.  (Felix Salmon)

Apple could make the best possible smart watch and it still could fail.  (Pando Daily)

Mixed media

Apple and U2 demonstrated why the album is dead.  (Quartz)

Apple’s livestream was a bust.  (TUAW)

Apple can still wow us.  (Lefsetz Letter)

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